Brush Removal Tips For the Competition

If you plan to take your vehicle on the road and plan to take it to a competition, the first place you should visit is your local auto body shop. Every single one of them knows how to handle and carry out brush removal. The next thing you need to do is get someone to do it for you. This may seem like a hassle to you, but if you are looking to turn a really good profit, you have to go with the guy who can make you the most money for the least work.

brush removal

The first thing you will want to ask the auto body repair shop is whether they carry the attachments they used when they removed the brush. This will make it easy for you to find out exactly what you need to get rid of. Some people are lazy and don’t look for brushes in the shop when they are done, which is fine.

Once you are done, you may want to take some brake dust with you to clean up the front of your car. In my experience, if you buy brake dust you will be able to clean more than once. Make sure you use a very wet rag.

Use a little of the brake dust that you took to clean the rest of the calipers, rotors, and discs. Do not use the brake dust you bought at the show. Most of the guys at the shop that have to do this will just throw it away.

Clean the rotor to remove any glue residue that may be left. Clean the rotors as well. You can find this stuff in the kit, but make sure you use an attachment to clean it.

Now you have to clean the caliper as well. This can be done with or without brushes. I usually use a rag with rubbing alcohol and wash it down.

You can then clean the inside of the caliper. You will only need a paper towel to clean it out. This can be done in the shop, but I have had some success cleaning it myself.